Autism Village's mission is to apply Internet and Mobile technologies to provide a globally accessible platform which helps the autism community to manage practical day to day problems. Our goal is to improve the futures of all people with autism by making daily life more navigable.

Meet Kirby

We say that Kirby is the Village founder. Now fifteen years old, he’s been living with a classic autism diagnosis since he was 18 months old. Kirby is happy, healthy, and physically fit, and he loves Thomas and his friends from the Island of Sodor - a lot. Kirby is a “sensory kid” who loves to fall and jump and run and dive and swim and he sleeps with a hand-made, weighted blanket that we found from an “autism mom” who makes them out west. Kirby has a large extended family and for 11½ years Kirby has inspired all of us around him to learn about autism, to try new things, to experiment with therapies, and also to help everyone we can on their own autism journey. And now Kirby’s friends have created the land of Autism Village where we all hope to be “really useful engines” that create practical tools and capabilities for everyone in the Autism community.

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