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Wherever you are, local Autism Friendly services and places are only a tap away.


Find businesses and services near you when you use your GPS in conjunction with the app.


Check out local businesses by their nearness to you, how well they’ve been reviewed, or how new they are in the system.


Become a fan of your favorite businesses to support them and keep track of them in your Fan list.

Add A Review

Review the places you visit for their autism friendliness so that others can view your experience.


Fill out your information, see reviews and photos you have posted, and connect with other users.

Local Search

Search for a business near you or use your GPS to see other users’ photos, reviews, and ratings.

Serves the entire Autism Community

Families with autism want to know that they will be welcomed and respected when they go out. With the app, picking a restaurant or a park is as easy as reading others’ reviews.

Reliable and Secure Platform
Everything is neatly orgainized
Connects with your GPS
Tons of features and easy to use and customize

Supports businesses that support autism

The number of children with autism is steeply on the rise. This means that the number of your future customers living with autism is, as well. From ‘autism wins,‘ like the positive media coverage of JetBlue's outstanding service with the autism community, to ‘autism fails,’ like United Airlines making an emergency landing to remove a distressed child with autism, you should consider the increasing impact autism in the community has on your customers and on your business. The Autism Village App will help businesses and services get out in front of autism, on the crest of the wave, to bring in autism families and their friends and have them all become loyal, happy, appreciative customers.

 “Great App Idea! The more people download this and review autism-friendly places, the better the app will be. Keep sharing!” 

Nikki Jones ‧ Google Play Customer Review

“This is a great app for everyone in the autism community. Share places, good or bad, so others don't have to figure it out by trial and error. Support the businesses that support autism to further acceptance and understanding.”

Flyingdownwind ‧ Apple iTunes Customer Review 

The App is Free

Help us help you to start living better. Download the app.

Save Time

It's nice to have a helping hand from technology. Use the app to quickly find your local autism friendly places and services, wherever you may go. Create lists of favorites and always be aware of new places in the area...

Save Money

The app is free, there are no in-app purchases, and it will never cost you a penny to use it. Considering how much time and effort can be saved, it becomes clear that the Autism Village App is an amazing value that you can't afford to do without.

Free Support

We understand that technology sometimes presents issues that require a bit of assistance. We're here for you. Contact us via email or phone and our Support Techs will happily and skillfully assist you.


Simple and Intuitive

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