The Kindness Club 

at the

Epicurean Garage

Experience Exclusive, Unique, and Specially Crafted Dining and Entertainment Experiences
While Contributing to a Worthy Cause.

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A Worthy Cause

The Kindness Club at the Epicurean Garage is the casual cool, hip, and fun little sister to The Epicurean Club at the historic Flowing Springs Inn.

With the same social mission, to support the creation of vocational paths for neurodivergent young adults and adults with special needs, for example autism, the Kindness Club aims to connect folks from our communities through a shared fellowship of kindness while experiencing curated and crafted unique culinary, entertainment, and educational experiences.

The Autism Village Foundation is partnering with The Epicurean Garage’s #GarageGivesBack to launch this dining and entertainment club.

Annual membership is a tax-deductible donation, 100% of which goes to support the development of vocational paths, trainings, and curriculums for hospitality operators who want to tap into neurodivergent workers.

Through your tax-deductible donation to The Autism Village Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, your annual dues and the monthly food and beverage sales are directed to the development of vocational training and opportunities, primarily in hospitality, for special-needs young adults and adults. By joining other folks from our local communities in a Kindness Club membership, you are taking a stand for a cause that positively and directly improves the lives of our special-needs neighbors and creates resources to help other communities and hospitality operators as well.

Help Us Act Locally While Thinking Globally

The first Wednesday night of each month at the Garage will be a specially created dining,
entertainment, or educational experience for Kindness Club members only.
Access and seating will be by RSVP only and will include special menus for dinner and drinks
pricing and entertainment and educational activities just for you, the Kindness Club member.
Each month’s Kindness Club First Wednesday Night events will announced monthly in advance
and, again, will be just for Club members. 

Examples of First Wednesday night Kindness Cafe events include themes such as:

  • Family style dinners designed by the Chefs
  • Movie nights
  •  Live performances for music and the arts
  • Cooking and Mixology classes
  • Wine, spirits, and culinary educational nights
  • Game nights
  • Book signings

and similar special events that interest Kindness Club members and their families.

Kindness Club members will also enjoy special discounts at all Epicurean Garage locations and
events and will have first access to special events.

Learn How to Join!