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by Lisa Timms

A Review: New App Changes The Way Families Find Autism Friendly Businesses
These days it takes a little more than a village to find a place out in the world that would be enjoyable for your child with autism. So what’s a father from Pennsylvania to do when he’s looking for a safe and fun place to take his son? He creates an app so he can get feedback from everyone!

News 8 • WKBT-TV

Medical Breakthroughs - Autism Village App: Kirby's Playground
When you're raising a child with autism, many parents say it takes more than a village. Well, there's one father who set out to make that journey as safe and fun as possible for children and their parents. Martie Salt shows us how he's making that happen. (video)

Mobile Living
By Dioni L. Wise

Autism and the Outside World
Topher Wurts’ eyes are always scanning the landscape. At a new park, while others are relaxing, he’s eyeing the fence line, looking for gaps or open gates. [...] What might be a simple day out for most people—going to the park, out to eat or to a new town on a trip—can be a challenging feat for families with autism...

Creating a Yelp-like Resource for Autism Families
The statistics on autism are staggering. One in 68 U.S. kids will develop an autism spectrum disorder — and one in 42 boys. It’s the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States, and as yet, there’s no cure. Until there is, one of the things families of autistic children need most is help navigating the complexities of day-to-day life.

By Carly Okyle

This New App Aims to Be the Yelp for People With Autism
April is National Autism Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to call attention to Autism Village. Based near Philadelphia, the new app is intended to be like Yelp for people on the autism spectrum by crowdsourcing and reviewing businesses and locations based on how autism-friendly they are.

NBC | News 10
With Vai Sikahema

Autism Village Launches Kickstarter
Topher Wurts, founder of Autism Village talks about his organization and how it was started to help families with children on the autism spectrum manage life.

Reuters Alumni Magazine

'Topher' Wurts Launches Fund-Raising Campaign For Autism Network
Former Reuters executive Christopher “Topher” Wurts has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a free app to help families find autism-friendly businesses and organisations such as safe playgrounds, schools and therapists.

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